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Umbrella Insurance Illinois

Some people get confused when they hear the name ‘Umbrella Insurance’ and some of you may even go as far as to think, “Why would someone need to insure their umbrella?” But hey, that is not what umbrella insurance is all about.

First let us introduce ourselves. We are a local Illinois Insurance Agency set up with expert analysis and knowledgeable agents; we can search the nation to find you a policy that will be both affordable and safe. Now… What is umbrella insurance? Well, umbrella insurance is a kind insurance policy which offers you coverage where you need it the most. This insurance covers the liability shortfalls of a current policy (such as your auto insurance policy or your home insurance policy); it will offer you excess coverage on covered liability issues, if you exceed the limits of a policy. In short, it provides you with more breathing space than your standard coverage policy.

If you are wondering “Why should I buy an umbrella insurance policy?” Then the answer is fairly simple to answer, since all other insurance policies have a limited amount of coverage on liability coverage and you exceed that amount in court or medical fees, the umbrella insurance policy kicks in. What happens if you are found responsible for a multi-car accident and your liability costs exceed the limits for your car insurance by 1000s of dollars?

Is Umbrella Insurance expensive? Not at all. Since the coverage is only designed for excess it will be fairly inexpensive. With your help, we will walk you through a free insurance quote process and find you a cost effective policy for your needs.

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