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Impaired Risk Life Insurance / High Risk Life Insurance

Have you been told you are uninsurable? Do you have health issues and believe you will not qualify for life insurance? Do you have medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, HIV, diabetes or have you suffered a stroke or heart attack? People with health issues need an insurance agency that is well versed in asking the correct questions. At Powers insurance Partners we understand your worry to provide security for your loved ones and we know how to work with carriers to provide you comfort.

What is Impaired Risk / High Risk Life Insurance?

High Risk Life Insurance is a form of life insurance coverage for people who have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, Like High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Depression, or any other high risk heath disease

Through our relations with numerous carriers Powers insurance Partners can help provide the guidance needed to finding you the right company with the correct coverage needed for you situation. Please call today 773-718-8902 and let us walk with you through the complexities of High Risk Life Insurance.