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Estate Planning 

Powers Insurance Partners has been working with individuals and businesses for years helping them achieve their goals in asset protection, and estate planning areas. Our network of partner carriers and experienced professionals will design a protection plan for you.

Even though planning your estate is one of the more important things you can for your family, most people don’t do it. Even people who realize the importance of proper planning often don’t have a plan in place – the reasons people avoid developing an estate plan are as diverse as the individuals themselves.

Everyone benefits from a well-designed plan.

Without one, federal and state laws will dictate how property, personal items, and assets are divided with no regard to the individual’s wishes. In addition, legal issues, additional administration, and tax problems may tie up the estate and slow down the distribution of assets.
In developing an estate plan, Powers Insurance Partners offers many insurance products, including:

  • Universal, Variable and Term Life insurance

  • Long Term Disability Insurance

  • Long Term Care Insurance