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Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable life insurance, survivorship insurance… the list and combination’s seem endless. Would you know which life insurance policy is best for you? When investing a Life Insurance policy, it is easy to be overwhelmed by an information avalanche. If tragedy were to strike are your loved ones protected? Powers Insurance Partners may help you determine what life insurance policy is The BEST choice, for the safety of your loved ones future.

  • TERM LIFE INSURANCE – modified, graded, and decreasing

Why do I want a Life Insurance Policy?

Many people consider it a morbid subject to think about, never mind talking about it, the truth is everyone will die and bills are left behind at death. Even the wealthiest of citizens can create problems when they die. Money gets tied up and relatives are left with burial and extra debts that require payment. Not providing life insurance to cover one’s expenses is not only poor planning but selfish.

There’s lots of compelling reasons to buy life insurance. The main goal of life insurance should probably be to provide sufficient money to help your loved ones. A dependent spouse, young children as well as relatives who rely on you financially. Life insurance benefits can be used to cover burial and funeral expenses, debt and medical bills and property taxes. Your loved ones can gain from the inheritance of your life insurance policy benefits. Our life insurance professionals will search the market and find the correct plan – or mixture of plans – for your specific needs.

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