About Powers Insurance Partners


Welcome to Powers Insurance Partners, We have established an insurance company that will allow you access to numerous carriers and services all under one roof. At Powers Insurance our highly developed network of providers and experienced professionals can manage ANY risk with confidence. Our partnerships allow us to bring in professionals in each area of your needed coverage. Just make one phone call and we will provide you with the needed answers. We may provide coverage for your risks, but we pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships.


Our promise is to help you protect your family, livelihood and dreams.

We believe in building relationships and creating a family environment in which we learn and work together. Open communication provides us both with greater knowledge and establishes an environment in which we can ensure your protection. HONESTY, HARD WORK, KNOWLEDGE, INTEGRITY and TRUST are what you should expect and we pride ourselves on delivering those qualities. Our goal is to provide your business, and your personal needs the best protection, at the best value available.