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Home Insurance Illinois

Homeowners insurance coverage would be a multiple-line insurance policy, meaning that it contains financial protection for both property and some liability issues. Lately several Illinois house owners find themselves being dropped from their home insurance carrier or their insurance rates are skyrocketing. At Powers Insurance Partners we understand the requirements of Illinois homeowners. Buying a home is a huge financial and individual investment, and you should have confidence that you’re obtaining a competitive insurance rate and the coverage you need. Home owners insurance helps provide financial coverage for covered weather related issues and legal liability for injuries those people on your property or in your home. Ask our agents to talk about what would be covered under your policy, also be sure to read the homeowners insurance policy so you understand exactly what’s included…and what is not.

Basic Form Homeowner Policy-HO1

Broad Form House owner Policy-HO2

Special Form Homeowner Policy-HO3

Renter’s Insurance-HO4

The “Tenants” form is for renters. It covers individual property against the matching perils as the contents portion of the HO2 or HO3.

Premier Homeowner Policy-HO5

Covers the same as HO3 in addition more. On this policy the contents are covered on an open peril foundation, therefore as long as the reason of loss is not specifically barred in the policy it will be covered for that reason of loss. (Can also be achieved by endorsing an HO15 to the HO3) .

Condominium Policy-HO6

Older Homes-HO8

How Much Home owners Coverage Do I Require?

  • If your dwelling is destroyed by fire or damaged by a natural disaster, you’d need cash to fix or replace it.
  • If a visitor in your house is injured, liability protection and medical coverage would help pay costs.
  • If you are a target of theft and vandalism, a house owners insurance policy can compensate you for your damage or recompense for repairs
  • If you are still having to pay for your residence, your bank will require an insurance policy.

What kinds of insurance policy coverage are there?

Coverage A – Dwelling

Covers the cost of the dwelling itself (not including the land). Generally, a coinsurance clause states that as long as the dwelling is insured to 80% of genuine worth, losses will be adjusted at replacement cost, up to the policy limits. This is in place to provide a safeguard against inflation. HO-4 (renter’s insurance) typically has no Coverage A, although it has additional coverages for improvements. .

Coverage B – Other Structures

Covers other structure around the property which are not used for trade, apart from as a private garage. Typically limited at 10% to 20% of the Coverage A, with supplementary quantities available by endorsement.

Coverage C – Personal Property

Covers personal property, with limits for the theft and loss of distinct classes of items (e.g., $200 for money, banknotes, bullion, coins, medals, etc.). Typically 50 to 70% of coverage A is compulsory for contents, which means that consumers may pay for much more insurance than necessary. This has led to some calls for additional options. .

Coverage D – Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses

Covers expenses associated with added living expenses (i.e. rental expenses) and fair rental value, if part of the residence was rented, however only the rental earnings for the actual rent of the space not services supplied such as utilities. .

Additional Coverages

Covers a mixture of expenses such as rubble removal, realistic repairs, damage to trees and shrubs for certain named perils (excluding the most common causes of damage, wind and ice), fire department changes, removal of property, credit card / identity theft charges, loss assessment, collapse, landlord’s furnishing, and some structure additions. These vary depending upon the form.


In an open perils coverage, specific exclusions will be stated in this piece. These normally contain earth movement, water damage, power failure, neglect, war, nuclear hazard, intentional loss, and concurrent causation (for HO-3). 

Powers Insurance Partners will take the occasion to understand you and your family’s requirements. We have the knowledge and means to obtain you a reasonably priced homeowner’s insurance policy that will best fit your requirements at a price that you can afford. You can also save up to 30% by combining your homeowner’s policy with additional insurance products – ask your agent for additional information.

Fill out our online homeowners insurance quote form above or contact us at 773-718-8902 for a home owners’ insurance quote. Someone from Powers Insurance Partners will be in touch with you right away.